Crafts for Beginners

Craft making is a habit that anyone can develop or pursue as a way to make better use of time, money, and energy. It is also a way to save money. It is just like your practice to save money on electronics by using voucher codes when you shop online. Instead of buying different pieces of stuff, you just make them instead. You turn your eyes on the materials in your home that you do not need and use them to make beautiful art or crafts to be displayed inside or outside of the house.

wooden bowls

Hand-Made Bowls

If you want to dip your hands into craft making, one great idea to create is the handmade bowls. You may have seen this a lot on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. This craft idea is made because of the fun-loving minds of people who tried to make use of items that we do not use much.

To do this, you can get a balloon that is just gathering dust in a cabinet. This may be the balloon that you bought for a friend’s or children’s birthday party. You put air in it just like a normal balloon. Outside, you glue materials together so that it covers the top half of the balloon. Your goal here is to create and shape a bowl at the top of the balloon. You keep it overnight until the glue sticks the materials together. In the morning, you can pop the balloon and you are left with a nice handmade bowl.

DIY Dreamcatcher

dreamcatcherA dreamcatcher may look hard to do but it is really simple to do. You can just use yarns and a circular item where you can wrap your yarn around and inside. You can find lots of circular wooden products online. You can even save money if you buy in bulk using coupon codes on products.

Once you have all your materials, you can wrap the yarn around the circular wood. For the designs inside the circle, you can find lots of step-by-step guides online. We also have several designs here on our website. After you finished, you can hang this by your bedroom or outside the home. Create a big one or numerous small ones for added effect.